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  • Jubilee


    Jubilee is hand-crafted with soft mohair and alpaca fur in rich browns and creamy tones. With delicate airbrushing and lace detailing, this panda bear is a must-have for any collector. Jubilee is limited to just 325 pieces globally. Recommended for ages...
  • E Normous

    E Normous

    Meet the cute and cuddly Stegosaurus, E Normous! E Normous is only the second dinosaur to be brought out from extinction by Charlie Bears and is just as impressive as the real thing! He is non-jointed, machine washable and made with soft plush making him...
  • Comfort Cuddles

    Comfort Cuddles

    Meet Comfort Cuddles, our bear-illiant new plush bear who is ready for warm hugs with his winter attire. He wears a hat featuring a traditional black, maroon and tan printed design and a beige coloured woollen brim that has been decorated with two felt...
  • Bronte


    Inspired by the author, Bronte can’t help but capture hearts with the kindest expression and extraordinary detail! With soft mohair and alpaca fur in lustrous pink tones, complimentary pink airbrushing, and irresistible tickly tones, adopt Bronte...
  • Baroque


    Baroque is a stunning panda from our Isabelle Collection as part of The Clocktower Collection 2023. She is one of four bears in this collection named after architectural periods in time, the Baroque period started in Italy in the 17th century. She is...
  • Rococo


    Rococo takes her name from the architectural period in time and she is a truly stunning panda. Crafted from the finest alpaca and mohair in delicate shades of pink, purple and grey, she would stand out in any hug. Rococo wears a pretty pendant and a lace...
  • Renaissance


    Introducing our bear-utiful new addition to the Isabelle Collection, Renaissance. With soft mohair and alpaca fur, tickly toes, and lace detailing, this panda is the pawfect companion for Raphaelite! Renaissance is limited to just 300 pieces worldwide...
  • Peppercorn


    Peppercorn is a paw-some rabbit from our Secret Collection. Look out for his bunny best friend Chick Pea for a perfect pairing. Peppercorn is made from pretty grey plush fur and wears a dainty ribbon and heart pendant. Suitable for ages over 3 years...
  • Tiddlywinks


    A loving and loyal companion, Tiddlywinks enjoys nothing more than fun and games with those he loves! This Plumo bear is made from super-soft plush with alpaca detailing. He has a charming mottled brown appearance, featuring stunning tufts of pink. He's...
  • Bea


    Bea, our super-soft, cream, brown and multi green plush panda from The Labyrinth Collection 2024 would love to join your hug! Bea features sculpted paw pads, a hand stitched nose and wears a large organza bow around her neck. Her adorable expression is...
  • Kielder


    Kielder is a brand-new plush bear who is part of our 2024 Plush Collection. Together with Charnwood, Heartwood and Ashdown these beautiful Charlie Bears make up our Forest Mini Series. Kielder is fully jointed, made from super-soft plush in cream, white...
  • Kaida


    Kaida is a brand-new unique and whimsical addition to our 2024 Plush Collection. Kaida is a fully jointed dragon, suitable for collectors aged 3 years and over and can be surface cleaned with care. Crafted from super-soft white and baby pink plush, Kaida...
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