What is Afterpay?

Afterpay gives shoppers the flexibility to pay 25% today and split their purchase into 4 interest-free payments, due every 2 weeks. Full eligibility criteria available at It’s already available online, and now in participating doors.

How does Afterpay work?

When customers are ready to check out at participating retailers, they select Afterpay as their payment method. The customer pays 25% of the purchase total today. Afterpay settles with the retailer upfront. The customer then owes the remaining interest-free payments to Afterpay, which are automatically debited from their account every two weeks.

Zero Interest and No Fees when you pay on time

Afterpay does not charge interest on a customer’s purchase. There are no late fees when payments are made on time. If a customer misses a payment, they may be charged a late fee. They should refer to their Afterpay Installment Agreement for full terms and to learn more.

Who can sign up for Afterpay?

Introduce and explain Afterpay equally to all customers who express interest.
To sign up for Afterpay, certain eligibility requirements apply, including:

  • Be at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama or if a ward of the state in Nebraska)

  • Provide a valid telephone number and email address

  • Be a US resident who resides in one of the 50 states or the District of Colombia

Additional requirements can be found on

Easy Sign Up and Instant Approval Decision

It’s free to create an account and Sign up for Afterpay. Afterpay works with Visa, MasterCard, andAmerican Express cards (debit or credit).

Not every purchase is guaranteed approved. If a customer has questions, direct them to the Afterpay Installment Agreement or


Customers can shop with Afterpay today! It only takes a few moments to get started.

  1. Download the free Afterpay app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

  2. Log in or create an Afterpay account.

  3. Tap the Card tab in the app and follow the guided steps for the one-time set up process to add the Afterpay Card to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

  4. At check out, launch the Afterpay app, tap into the Card tab to see your pre-approved spend. Click ”Pay with Afterpay Card” button to access the Afterpay Card and launch it in your digital wallet.

  5. Tap your phone to the chip reader and you’ll receive a confirmation of your purchase in the app.

What if I need to return my purchase made with Afterpay?

Afterpay returns work within your company’s return policy. If a customer wants to return a purchase and it meets eligibility requirements for the funds to be restored to the original form of payment, process the return as you would for any other credit return. The customer may initiate the return through the Afterpay app:

  1. Launch the Afterpay app and tap into the “Orders” tab

  2. Find and open the order you’d like to return and tap“Return an In-Store Purchase” button

  3. Tap the button for “Apple Pay” or “Google Pay” to access the Afterpay Card

  4. Tap the phone near the chip reader to initiate the return

Print and give the customer the receipt confirming the return. The funds will be restored to the original payment method within 3-5 business days.

*Note: As a security and privacy measure, the last four digits of the card shown on the receipt will not match the last four digits of the Afterpay Card in the wallet. If you need to verify the card, ask the customer to complete the following steps to view the last four digits shown on the receipt:

Apple iPhone Android
1. Open the Settings app 1. Open the Google Pay app
2. Scroll down to Wallet & Apple Pay 2. Go to Payment
3. Tap the Afterpay Card to reveal last four digits 3. Tap on the card number, then scroll to "Virtual Card Number"

Why am I having trouble making a purchase with Afterpay?

If customers are having issues using Afterpay in your store, you should instruct them to reach out to Afterpay Customer Service:

  • In App Chat - it’s the quickest way to get a hold of us

  • Afterpay Customer Service Phone: 1.855.289.6014 (Mon-Fri7am-7pm CST, Sat 7am-6pm CST)

  • Afterpay FAQs on

That being said, here’s a couple General Troubleshooting Tips to help customers in the moment:

  • Ensure they are connected to WiFI or using data so the Afterpay Card can be activated in the app.

  • Make sure that the payment method saved in their Afterpay app is current and correct.

  • Did the customer access the Afterpay Card through the Afterpay app? It is essential that the customer click “Pay with Afterpay Card” to activate the Afterpay Card. If the customer opens the Card directly from their wallet, the Card will not activate, and the purchase will not be successful.

  • Does your store have a minimum or maximum purchase amount for Afterpay? Make sure those requirements have been met.

If the customer is still having issues using Afterpay, direct them to Afterpay Customer Service.

Where can I use Afterpay to make a purchase in store?

Participating stores are featured in the Afterpay app and on the Afterpay website in the Stores section. Stay tuned – more stores are coming soon!

How does Afterpay work with split tender payments and returns?

Split tender payments work as they would with any other transaction. Start the transaction, select the amount the customer wishes to pay with Afterpay, and then they will tap their Afterpay Card to the chip reader to transact. The remaining amount owed can then be paid with the customer’s other payment method.

When a customer returns a split tender order, scan the receipt and verify with the customer the amount paid in the secondary form of payment (cash, credit, debit). Refund this payment method first. After you have refunded that amount, restore the amount paid with the Afterpay Card by asking the customer to tap their Afterpay Card at the NFC chip reader. Afterpay will restore funds to the customer’s original payment method within 5-7 business days. If the customer has questions, encourage them to contact Afterpay Customer Service.

Prohibited Terms

The following statements are NOT permitted by Afterpay to say to customers:

No Fees No Cards
No Cost No Credit Check
Instant Approval No Hidden Fees
No Catch No Down Side
No Strings Attached  

Check out for more information.